Our story

Renēe was a lockdown baby born in the summer of 2020. 

Our founder Zoë was playing around with old shirts her grandfather gave her, when she stumbled on a unique dress idea.  


re·​nēe | renaître |reborn 

When Zoë started renēe, the demand kept on rising real fast because the combination studying and running a business wasn’t always that easy, she involved her mom Veerle. Up until today, Veerle still contribuetes to some of the designs. 

Renēe strives to create a zero-waste production process. We make our dresses with companies’ overstock and strive to close the circular circle. At renēe we upcycle abandoned and forgotten garments into one-of-a-kind pieces. But even renēe has some waste. We like a challenge and continue to try and make our waste valuable to us or other creatives out there.  

Renēe is part of a new fashion system. As the next generation we need to explore different fashion systems to create fashion with love and care for our planet and our garment workers. 

Representing a circular business in a linear fashion industry is a true challenge. That's why every decision we make or every step we take is precisely considered. How will this affect people and the environment? These questions are the guideline of the whole thought process

 But who is Zoë?

Zoë - based in Ghent, graduated with a BA in Fashion Technology and a postgraduate in BusinesEntrepreneurship. For now I'm self employed in secondary activity. Beside renēe I'm working part time as a sales advisor + styling assistant for the Belgian company Flanders Fashion Design.

Passionate about fashion and even more by sustainability and the ethical side of fashion. 

I really enjoy experimenting with garments that did not get the right destination. Every time I start creating I stumble on a new idea. That's what I love the most.