A new home

A new home

When I started experimenting with the shirts of my grandfather, two years ago, I had no idea I would ever be writing a blog on my own website for my own brand. Back then I had no intention in starting a business. I wanted to do something with the shirts my grandfather would throw away at that moment. 

After making three unique dresses I was very proud of what I made, so I decided to share the dresses on my Instagram. I wanted to show the world what for valuable pieces these still were. People were so excited they wanted to buy one or came to me with special requests.

At that moment renēe was born.

Because this started as a lockdown project, and more as a hobby, I made the dresses on my household sewing machine in my own living. 

Two years later, summer 2022, it was time to leave my living and stop sewing there. It was time to separate home from work.

Via Instagram I met Sara from Atelier Houthuys. A few weeks later I already joined the atelier.

It's a shared workspace together with four young entrepreneurs.



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